The Women’s Rights Party focuses on issues that directly impact on women and girls. 

The Women’s Rights Party is campaigning to protect the rights of women and children. We are proposing a ban on the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to treat children and adolescents under the age of 18 who are presenting with “sex-related distress”, and to restrict Government-funded masculinisation or feminisation cosmetic surgery to those aged over 25 (currently aged over 18).

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New Zealand Women's Rights Party: Education
A light on education

We are calling for the Ministry of Education’s Relationships and Sexuality Education Guidelines to be replaced with guidelines that recognise the reality of biological sex and removes references to the imprecise concept of “gender”. We support age appropriate and scientifically accurate education about sexuality, relationships, and consent.

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The right to a voice

The Women’s Rights Party was formed in 2023 as a voice for women whose interests were being ignored by most sectors of society in the name of “inclusivity”. In the same year, the Women’s Rights Party contested the General Election with a List of 12 exceptional women from all over the country. As a registered democratic political party that is advocating strongly for the interests of women and children, we are an organised force for change.

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The Women’s Rights Party is about protecting the rights of women and childen. We advocate for women’s sex-based rights, so that these rights are respected and extended, and not eroded.

Key Legislative Issues

As a registered political party, the Women’s Rights Party focusses on legislation that erode sex-based rights and protections. On our agenda is repeal of sex self-ID, removal of “gender identity” from legislation, prostitution reform, and opposition to the removal of the birth mother as the first legal parent in surrogacy.

Protection of sex-based rights

Women’s and girls’ sex-based rights as biological females, need to be protected in policy and law, and this should be given precedence over any proposed provisions based on concepts of “gender identity”.
The rights of women and children to reject sex stereotypes without discrimination, labelling, or medical intervention to ‘fix’ them is paramount.

Conversion Practices legislation

We support the aim of the Conversion Practices legislation to protect lesbians, bisexuals and gay people from conversion practices and to promote open and respectful discussions about sexuality. We do not support the inclusion of “gender, gender identity and gender expression” in this legislation because “gender” is not a clear or helpful concept to include in law, and promoting “gender identity” to children risks causing them permanent harm.

Protection against violence and sexual abuse of women

The Women’s Rights Party opposes pornography, which includes filmed prostitution, rough sex, strangulation, other forms of violence, and sexual abuse. This sends a message that such violence and abuse of women is acceptable. The Women’s Rights Party will work with other groups in calling for a ban on the use of “rough sex” as a defence in a murder case or a case involving serious harm.

Adding our voice to issues of concern

While the primary focus of the Women’s Rights Party is protecting the rights of women and children and advocating for sex-based rights, issues such as the climate, the environment, conservation, animal welfare, social and economic inequality and poverty, are of particular concern to young people who are needed to continue struggle for women’s rights.


The Women’s Rights Party stands by women everywhere who are denied access to education and who are denied opportunities to participate in paid work or the political life of their nations; whose freedom of movement is restricted; who have no protection against violence, including sexualised violence; and who are forced into marriage as children.

Protecting women’s and children’s spaces and safety

We are committed to increasing resources to help women leave situations where they are experiencing, or at risk of, domestic violence. We support public funding for refuges providing women-only services.

Caring for mothers and children

The Women’s Rights Party advocates for income support while raising our children or caring for our elders, recognising that mothering and caring is work and contributes to society.

Pay Equity

More than 50 years ago, union leader and former MP Sonya Davies championed the “Working Women’s Charter”. Much has yet to be achieved, including pay equity.

Retirement Incomes for Women

Minimum wages and benefits need to be increased so that all people have living incomes. In particular, women need increased incomes to promote full participation in society and dignity as we age.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.