Our Priorities

We want a world that is safe and fair for women and girls

The Women’s Rights Party is a party of women and men who believe in democracy, equality, and biological reality.

Sex is binary

Human beings cannot change sex

Women are adult humans of the female sex

A tradition of resistance

The Women’s Rights Party focuses on issues that directly impact on women and girls. We recognise that such interests are wide ranging, including women’s sex-based rights, women’s healthcare, our children’s education, and recognition of women’s contributions to society.

We exist to maintain and protect women's rights, including:

The right to speak freely
The right to peaceful assembly, association, and movement.
The right to safe single-sex spaces for women and girls.
The right to be free from violence in all its forms.
The right to equitable reward and recognition for women's contributions to society and work, whether paid or unpaid.
The right to have control of our own bodies, including reproductive autonomy.
The right to protect and safeguard our children.
The right for motherhood to be recognised as exclusively female.
The right to fair play in sports.
The right to evidence-based education and healthcare with informed consent.
The right to use clear and plain language when referring to women in the media, academia, in healthcare, at work and at home.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.

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