Coalition Agreement sheds light on gender ideology that has captured policy and law making

The coalition agreement heralds the first disruptions in the flow of gender ideology into our schools, universities, public services and sporting bodies here in New Zealand

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We support the #NoExcuses Campaign to combat violence against women

The Women’s Rights Party is calling on the new Government to fund single-sex shelters, women-only refuges, women-to-women counselling and peer support, all of which are essential in helping survivors leave dangerous relationships. Economic assistance is also vital to enable women and children to safely exit situations where they are dependent financially on an abusive husband or boyfriend.

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We call for an enquiry into the medicalisation of children with gender dysphorias

While many countries were restricting use of puberty blockers and hormones, New Zealand is becoming more of an outlier in our increasing use of puberty blocking hormones. Lawmakers and medical professionals should be preventing the harm that is occurring in the name of gender identity.

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Cancel your donations to Wikipedia: It’s a peddler of disinformation

The Wikipedia entry on the Women’s Rights Party makes false and unverifiable claims.

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Women’s Rights Party an option in the Port Waikato by-election

There are concerns among many voters about the undermining of women’s rights, so why not have a Women’s Rights Party MP in that additional seat?

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Democracy in New Zealand Relies On Free Speech

The New Zealand Women’s Rights Party support healthy debate. The Government must act now to actively defend democratic values, and to support and protect open discussion.

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Strengthening Protections For Children

Lawmakers require accurate recording of the sex of victims and perpetrators to produce legislation that is fit for purpose. Current practices in data gathering make it impossible to track changes in the pattern of offending and should be reviewed with immediate effect.

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Children should not be subjected to questions in court about consent to alleged sexual activity

We endorse changes to the Act allowing automatic name suppression for all victims of sexual violence. But there are serious concerns over data collection.

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We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.