CEDAW must honour sex-based rights

The Women’s Rights Party is concerned that questions being circulated by a committee of CEDAW (the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 1979) appear to be considering a possible support for “gender identity” being included as a “right” in law. Instead of affirming the sex-based rights for women which are

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Health Ministry should ban puberty blockers

The Women’s Rights Party is calling on the Ministry of Health to ban the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children and young people experiencing gender-related distress. In March the National Health Service England banned the routine use of puberty blockers after a four-year independent review commissioned by the NHS and chaired by

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Midwifery petition presented to Parliament today

Midwifery Council’s proposed revised Scope of Practice was presented to Parliament. It is not fit for purpose.

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Sean Plunket talks to Jill Ovens about mob leader Shaneel Lal’s position in the Labour Party

Sean Plunket talks to the Women’s Rights Party’s Jill Ovens about Shaneel Lal’s position in the Labour Party & 1 year anniversary of Albert Park incident.

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Day of shame for New Zealand; its media, its Police and its Left political leadership

Today marks one year since women’s voices were shut down in a show of “love and peace” in Auckland’s Albert Park. Organisers of the “Let Women Speak” event had expected around 200 protesters to turn up, based on events in Melbourne and Tasmania the previous week. But the number of protesters swelled to around 2000

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Judge effectively gives men permission to violently attack women

Women across New Zealand should be very concerned that a man who smashed a woman’s eye socket in what was a violent, unprovoked attack has been let off without conviction. Women’s Rights Party Leader Jill Ovens says this sends a chilling message to women in a country where male violence against women is endemic and

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The “New Zealand model” for prostitution liberalisation doesn’t work

It is 20 years since the passing of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, which fully decriminalised prostitution in New Zealand. The Women’s Rights Party, NZ and the Women’s Declaration International-NZ have made a submission to Reem Alsalem, the UN Special Rapporteur on VAWG, for her report to the Human Rights Council on prostitution and violence

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Midwifery Council erasing the words ‘women’ and ‘mothers’

The Midwifery Council has removed all mention of women and mothers from their Scope Of Practice.

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