White Camellia Episode Three: The Cost Of Kindness

Kindness should not be used as an excuse to shut down dissent: Chimene del la Varas describes the cost to women of “kindness”.

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Our Submission to the United Nations: Aotearoa New Zealand Universal Periodic Review 2024

Women’s rights in Aotearoa are being actively eroded, and the government has not yet addressed the concerns that have been repeatedly raised by women. The Women’s Rights Party hope the UPR Review will take this issue seriously.

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Younger voters and Aucklanders most likely to consider voting Women’s Rights Party this Election

Overall 47% said “No” to the question: “Should men who identify as women (often called “transwomen”) be allowed to have free and unchecked entry into all designated single-sex spaces for women and girls?”

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White Camellia Podcast – Marking 130 Years of Women Voting in Aotearoa

This episode marks a period in our history when women struggled for recognition as full human beings and asks the question – is it really so different today?

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Words Are Boats

“In bureaucracy, we are no longer ‘women and men’, we are ‘persons’. But words are boats which carry meaning. I agree I am a person, but that I am a Woman is much more relevant – and important.”

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Jill Ovens talks Posie Parker and Women’s Suffrage Day

Jill Oven discussess Posie Parker and police interference in New Zealand women’s political activity

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Commemorating Suffrage Day with actions around the country

The Women’s Rights Party commemorated Suffrage Day with actions that recalled the determined efforts of those who won the right for all women to vote, both here in New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom, where universal suffrage was not attained until 1928..

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Our Election 2023 Candidates

Our candidates honour the women of Aotearoa NZ who won the right to vote in 1893, the first self-governing nation in the World to legislate women’s suffrage.
Our candidates are from all walks of life and across the nation who are prepared to stand up for women’s and girls’ sex-based rights and for the right to speak, to hear, and to assemble.

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We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.