A just society will maintain the rights that women have fought for.

We are women and men who believe in democracy, equality and biological reality. Clarity about sex is critical for safeguarding the human rights of everybody.

The Party honours the women of Aotearoa NZ, who won the right to vote in 1893, the first self-governing nation in the World to legislate women’s suffrage.

The Women’s Rights Party has formed 130 years later out of a concern for the erosion of the rights of women and girls.
We combine this history with the imperative to create a society in which women are autonomous, and all women, men and children can live in harmony with each other to protect the future for our children and their children.

Womens Rights

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Latest News

The “New Zealand model” for prostitution liberalisation doesn’t work

It is 20 years since the passing of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, which fully decriminalised prostitution in New Zealand. The Women’s Rights Party, NZ and the Women’s Declaration International-NZ have made a submission to Reem Alsalem, the UN Special Rapporteur on VAWG, for her report to the Human Rights Council on prostitution and violence

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Midwifery Council erasing the words ‘women’ and ‘mothers’

The Midwifery Council has removed all mention of women and mothers from their Scope Of Practice.

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Parliamentary Petition: Preserve Clarity in Midwifery Practice

We’re facing a critical moment. The Midwifery Council’s revised Scope of Practice for midwives has raised alarms by erasing crucial terms like “women” and “mothers.” This is an urgent call to arms to safeguard the clarity and specificity in the regulatory Scope of Practice. We need your signature on this petition to demand an immediate

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The customer is always right, yeah right!

The Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of political opinion. Otaki New World’s actions may be in violation of legally protected human rights. Why are the media colluding with apparently discriminatory actions?

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Tell the Christchurch City Council to keep female-only services and facilities

The Christchurch City Council has excluded the word ‘sex’ from inclusion policy. This is incongruent with NZ human rights law

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We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.