Tell the Christchurch City Council to keep female-only services and facilities

This is a member initiated campaign that is being given the full support of the Women’s Rights Party.

Protect female-only spaces from the Christchurch City Council

The Background

The Christchurch City Council has developed an overarching Draft Equity and Inclusion Policy, in which “The Council recognises and values everyone in our community of any age, gender, disability,
ethnicity, culture, faiths, geographical location, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.”

They have omitted ‘sex’ from this policy, but have included the word ‘gender’, which has no consistent definition.

The word ‘sex’ needs to be included in this policy in order for the Christchurch City Council to have the ability to apply s 46 of the human Rights Act, which enables it to provide single-sex facilities. Submissions to the Council, including two on behalf of Wāhine Kōrero, have not so far persuaded those involved to change their stance about this.

The staff report, prepared for the entire Council to review the Draft Equity and Inclusion Policy, contains an important error. It appears to have erroneously stated that the 14 submissions received which objected to the omission of the word ‘sex’ requested that ‘gender’ be changed to ‘sex’1 Pg 73, para 9.6, in the link to the policy in the letter.This is not correct. Of those 14 submissions, only one could be seen to request that change.2Pgs 7 66 in the link to the policy in the letter. The other submissions either just objected to the omission of the word ‘sex’, and/or requested it to be included.

The City Council Is Not Listening To Women’s Concerns

I advised a Council staff member of this error on 15th Dec 2023, but have not yet had a response.

Therefore, it’s possible a report misrepresenting the request for the inclusion of the word ‘sex’ may go before the Council for review.

This letter aims to bring the true nature of the request, and the reason for it, to the attention of Councillors, and indeed as many of the public as possible, before the Council in its entirety reviews the Draft Equity and Inclusion Policy.
Your signing is very much appreciated.

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Katrina Biggs – Whanaungatanga Mana Wāhine Kōrero (in wider association with Mana Wāhine Kōrero)

Dianne Landy – co-founder of Mana Wāhine Kōrero

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