Marnie Fornusek

Marnie Fornusek - Women's Rights Party, New Zealand

Bay of Plenty

List position: 4

Meet Marnie Fornusek

Sport is meaningless without fair competition. That’s why we have separate categories for people with disabilities, women, men, girls and boys. We have been handing out flyers at sports events to highlight the issues of men competing in women’s sport.

Marnie lives in the Bay of Plenty where she works as an engineer.

Marnie was a secondary school maths teacher prior to retraining as an engineer.

She has promoted engineering to students as an ambassador for Engineering NZ’s FutureInTech, Hello Cafe and Wonder Project programmes.
She has previously represented NZ in kayaking and rafting. From participating in sport, she knows that there should be no men competing in the female sport’s category.  Attending the Let Women Speak event in Auckland was an eye opener to the threat to Women’s Rights.

Marnie is standing because she agrees with the importance of the Women’s Rights Party policies to protect women’s spaces, sports, language, the right to speak and protect children.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.