MacKenzie Clark

MacKenzie Clark - New Zealand Women's Rights Party

South Auckland

List position: 10

Meet MacKenzie Clark

Parents should have the right to choose what curriculum is appropriate in schools, free from the influence of Government and activist entities

MacKenzie is a business student with an interest in the global geopolitical climate.

She believes in safeguarding the rights of women and young girls, in both law and language.

For too long women’s rights have been used as a political football, with the politicians who are meant to represent us touting our beliefs as transphobic bigotry and hate speech, she says. In Auckland, women did not receive their own public toilets until 1910, nearly 40 years after men. Even after the establishment of the Grafton Bridge toilets, women were often still required to pay for use, unlike their male counterparts.

MacKenzie believes that women’s rights do not amount to hate speech, and finds the mere insinuation to be an insult to women of diverse backgrounds across the country. Mackenzie holds firm family values and lives in Franklin County between the south of Auckland and the Waikato.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.