Linde Rose

Linde Rose - New Zealand Women's Rights Party

Central Auckland

List position: 7

Meet Linde Rose

Being a woman is more than a collection of body parts and functions.The right to use clear and plain language for women’s bodies should not be diminished into gender neutral language.

Linde is a retired psychotherapist who lives in Pt. Chevalier Auckland.

She is standing for the Women’s Rights Party because she feels strongly that women’s rights, identity and language need to be protected from the erosion and erasure that is threatening us at the moment.  In particular, she believes women and girls need safe single sex spaces and so she took a stand against sex self-identification on birth certificates that enables men to self-identify as women.

She also believes strongly that the word “woman” needs to be protected as a separate biological category,

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.