Kathleen Lauderdale

Kathleen Lauderdale New Zealand Womens Rights Party


List Position: 11

Meet Kathleen Lauderdale

After years of political involvement, it is an immense relief to work with and for women. I feel I have found my political home in the Women’s Rights Party.

Kathleen is a Taranaki mother of three, journalist and manager with experience in Breast Cancer support and advocacy, tutoring and foster care.

Kath was elected to the Greens policy committee and worked on developing policies particularly economic such as wealth tax and sovereign money.
She departed ways with them, retiring from the committee in 2017.

Along with the sexist behaviour and policy she encountered in the Greens, she could see the economic demands caused by the pending cost of living crisis and stood in the 2020 election as the New Plymouth candidate for Social Credit at List number 4 and doubling the vote.

Feeling homeless politically due to being a woman, Kath is delighted to now be able to stand for the Women’s Rights Party, which is more aligned to her values and women’s issues that have been in the forefront of her work for decades.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.