Chimene del la Varis


Chimene De la Varis: New Zealand Women's Rights Party

West Auckland


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Meet Chimene del la Varis

As a solo-parent, I understand the economic struggle faced by many women who juggle parenting with full time work. As a social housing resident, I am also keenly aware of the hardship women often face as we age.

Chimene is a feminist, environmentalist and social housing advocate who lives in West Auckland.

A strong opponent of the de-platforming of women’s views in mainstream media, Chimene recently launched the White Camelia podcast to amplify gender critical views and biological realism.

After studying Spanish and linguistics at Auckland University, Chimene spent several years in Madrid teaching English. Returning to live in New Zealand, she trained as a journalist and worked as a reporter at the Waikato Times and the Gisborne Herald while bringing up her two sons. In recent years she has concentrated on freelance communications and web content writing on women’s issues. As a social issues journalist, Chimene highlighted the challenges faced by women in Aotearoa. She wrote  about the epidemic of violence against women, the gender pay gap and the lack of affordable childcare.

A committed women’s rights campaigner, Chimene is involved in the Women’s Declaration International and other feminist projects. She stood as a Green Party endorsed candidate for local government in 2022.  Earlier this year, she resigned in protest at the party’s support for the self-identification component of the BDMR 2021

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.