Catherine Mann

New Zealand Women's Rights Party

Central Otago

List position: 9

Meet Catherine Mann

On behalf of my Mother, who fought the local school in 1978 to allow me to do woodwork, and now my beautiful little 3-year-old granddaughter, and all the women who first voted in 1893, I am, in 2023, proudly rising up with women once again to fight for women’s right to speak.

Catherine grew up in the Maniototo on a sheep and beef farm.

At 15 years old she left school to do an apprenticeship in cabinetry and joinery, becoming the first trade-qualified female in this area in New Zealand.

She helped raise four well-adjusted young adults, is currently self-employed, and with her partner is co-founder of EVS Window Technology. They proudly hold a worldwide patent and design patents on their products. Catherine lives on 25 acres of rabbit-infested scrub (or native bush and wildlife) in Cromwell where she and her partner are in the process of self-sculpting their home, the curved straw house featured in the first series of New Zealand’s Grand Designs. Good things take time.

Catherine joined the Women’s Rights Party out of horror at the current ‘cancel culture’, especially towards women.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.