Adrienne Owen-Jones

Adrienne Owen Jones


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Meet Adrienne Owen-Jones

If you believe that the noun ‘woman’ describes a human female and that sex-based rights are fact, as opposed to gender ideology that exists only in language with no material reality, Party Vote the Women’s Right Party.

Adrienne has been heavily involved with women’s sport from an early age; as a provincial Auckland cricket player, and she continued on in later years, playing representative bowls.

Adrienne, now retired after a career in media advertising, and living in Kaiapoi near Christchurch, is standing for the Women’s Rights Party due to her concern for the rights of girls and women in sports being eroded.

She is also adamant that the erasure of women’s and girls’ rights and language must stop.

Overall, she is passionate about the overarching need for the protection of the rights and reduction of harm to women and children – all manifested by gender identity ideology that has “captured” many areas of New Zealand society.

The Women’s Rights Party advocates for women’s factual sex-based rights, so that these hard fought for rights can be upheld.

We are the only political party in New Zealand that puts women first.